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Hello and welcome to Colin Bradley Art's Community Forum. 

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Welcome to Colin Bradley's Community Forum

Welcome Everyone! 

Our Members Community on has been such a success that we wanted to open up the opportunity for everyone to be able to share their artwork and their journey with using Pastel Pencils.

We hope that this platform is going to be user-friendly and a long running history of just how far people have come with their own projects.

We'll be posting updates on the blog…

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GonzaloArg posted a picture
Very long hours but I love the results!!!!
Michelle O'Gradey posted a picture
This took me quiet awhile to do and I enjoyed very moment of it.  I want to thank Colin for teaching pastel drawing it's very rewarding.
Oct 14
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Oct 9
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Oct 5
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Faber Castell pastel pencils on pastelmat.
Oct 5
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Oct 4
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Oct 4
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Oct 3
Laura posted a picture
Completed Colin's new black lab tutorial on blue pastelmat. Uses just 7 pencils too. Great project. 
Oct 1
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