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Hello and welcome to Colin Bradley Art's Community Forum. 

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Welcome to Colin Bradley's Community Forum

Welcome Everyone! 

Our Members Community on has been such a success that we wanted to open up the opportunity for everyone to be able to share their artwork and their journey with using Pastel Pencils.

We hope that this platform is going to be user-friendly and a long running history of just how far people have come with their own projects.

We'll be posting updates on the blog and please…

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17 hours ago
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17 hours ago
Marie-anne posted a picture
She unexpectedly passed away 2 months ago. Miss her every day, she was such a lovely cat..It was a struggle to get the shadings right in the almost only white fur. Still learning... ;p
19 hours ago
Marie-anne liked Jan May's discussion Steam Train WIP!
19 hours ago
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19 hours ago
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19 hours ago
Stephen Bradley liked Jan May's discussion Steam Train WIP!
22 hours ago
Laura replied to J. Eliot Mason's discussion Question for the watercolor tree
"It appears that Colin has some skies in his intermediate and advanced water color tutorials here under Mixed Media. Maybe watch the portion of those videos where he does the sky to get some guidance on how he creates them."
Marguerita Grant liked Laura's picture
Laura replied to Jan May's discussion Steam Train WIP!
"Looks Great so far!!!"
J. Eliot Mason posted a discussion
Mr. Colin didn't put a sky behind the watercolor tree video. Does anyone know how to do that? 
Jan May posted a discussion
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Laura posted a picture
Swan & Cygnets lesson on Ingres. This background was quite difficult for me because it required me to use a bit of "impressionism". I quickly realized that is not at all my forte. I need to work on that!
J. Eliot Mason replied to J. Eliot Mason's discussion Watercolor Rustic Well question.
"Thank you. I'll check it out. "
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